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Pedalboard switcher helper pro ultimate

veternik audio switching pedal

Pictured here is a custom switching pedal. The footswitch on the left lets you choose between LOOP A or LOOP B. Both loops have a BOOST built in. With the boost you can add more VOLUMEĀ or GRIT to a pedal with not so much output.
The footswitch on the right adds LOOP C to the selected loop on the left.
This one has buffers built in too.
EXTRA: When bridging the send and returns of LOOP A or LOOP B you can also use the boost on it’s own.
This pedal is not in the webshop since there are many options for switching and the best is to talk about what you want/need. There are many options. Drop me a line:

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Custom Big Muff

big muff triangle mids 02

The Big Muff is a great pedal but can get lost in a bandmix sometimes. The Big Muff pictured here has an extra mids control knob to dial in some more mids when needed. This makes the pedal very versatile. This one is build with ‘Triangle Big Muff’ specs and has reduced bass loss. This pedal is not in the webshop, best is to drop me a line to discuss what you want/need.